Service Unit Calendar for 2013-2014

Please provide a draft of Service Unit meetings dates, programs, events, etc. that the Service Unit plans to have.

Dates and Locations of Fall Recruitment Events 9/21/13: Town Day, Mass. Ave.




2: Labor Day
5-6: Rosh Hashanah
7: Symposium in Lexington
10: Service Team Meeting
14: Yom Kippur
21: Town Day (recruitment event)
25: Fall recruitment event (tentative)
27: Fall Product Sale Begins

  • Junior Badge Event?


4-6: Great Escape at Wabasso
8: Service Team Meeting/Leader Meeting: How to Organize a Town-Wide Event
14: Columbus Day
26: Adult Learning Conference
27: Fall Product Sale Ends
31: Founder's Day (Juliette Gordon Low's Birthday)

  • Theater Night at AFD?


2: Adult Learning Conference
3: Daylight Savings Ends
12: Service Team Meeting
28: Thanksgiving
28: Hanukkah

  • Brownie Badge Event?



10: Service Team Meeting
Cookie Sales Begin
25: Christmas Day

  • Cadette Social?



14: Service Team Meeting
20: MLK Jr. Day of Service

  • Brownie Social Event?
  • Winter Recruitment Event?


Town Cookie Delivery
11: Service Team Meeting
22: World Thinking Day

  • Cadette Badge Event?



Women's History Month
9: GS Sunday Town-wide Event, Scholarship Awards
11: Service Team Meeting
12: GS Birthday
Cookie Sale Ends
Daisy Fairy Ball?


Cookie Sell down
8: Service Team Meeting
15: Passover begins (PM)
20: Easter (for all Christians)
21?: Patriot's Day Parade

Annual Meeting
13: Service Team Meeting
26: Memorial Day

  • Spring Cleanup Community Service?



10: Service Team Meeting
15: Financial Reports Due
Spring Registrations Due


4: Independence Day


Girl Scout Levels: Daisy - Brownie - Junior - Cadette/Senior/Ambassador